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What is a ShareRing ID and why do I need one?
What is a ShareRing ID and why do I need one?

Introduction of ShareRing ID

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Your ShareRing ID contains your highly secure and encrypted Personal Information Vault giving you control over your data and how you access our wider ecosystem. 🕵️

We have developed the Personal Information Vault as the most secure way to store all your personal verifiable documents such as Passports, National ID Cards, COVID Test Results, Vaccination Certificates, Insurance Papers, Travel Bookings and more. With these documents all in one place, you can seamlessly access goods and services around the world without compromising your data privacy. 😎

ShareRing ID is Self-Sovereign, which means you, the user, have full control over your personal data, including how it is used and when it is shared. ShareRing will never access or extract your documents from your device, and ShareRing will never store them in a central database. ⚒️

Using your verified, encrypted identity you can access a range of services and benefits from just one app; never having to sacrifice privacy for convenience. Your ShareRing ID lets your data work for you. 👍

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