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Anatomy of an SHR Transaction
Anatomy of an SHR Transaction

How and where you transaction goes to?

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ShareRing’s eVOA Fee and Application Example

James books a holiday to Thailand; he is presented with an option to automatically apply for an eVOA. James agrees to this and quickly pays using his desired payment method. Then using the details in James’ ShareRingID, ShareRing creates an application; this is recorded on the ShareLedger along with an ID fingerprint of James’ KYC. In total James' eVOA application takes less than 2 minutes to complete and generates 4 transactions (4 SHR) on the ShareLedger.

  • Create ShareRingID

  • Request/check ShareRingID

  • Log eVOA application (including channel info)

  • Log eVOA response

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