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What is ShareRing’s business model and vision?
What is ShareRing’s business model and vision?

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The second product to launch in the ShareRing ecosystem (launching in Q1 2021) is a platform that's initially focused on the travel industry. Customers will be able to book and pay for over 600K hotels, activities, and flights in over 200 countries using fiat or crypto (including the BNB token!).

Unique blockchain-powered features of the ShareRing platform include 'express check-in' with the ShareRingID self-sovereign identity, fiat-backed stable coin, local 'cash out' with no FX fee's, lower risk of both credit card and identity fraud, and low transaction fees. These will also be offered as a B2B platform and a set of API's for other online travel agencies (OTA's) to integrate with and take advantage of.

We believe in a world where individuals and businesses can access the benefits of blockchain technology without needing to understand how it works. A world where individuals can have control over their own data and digital identity, and a world where businesses big and small can be included in the economy, without barriers to entry.

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