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What does ShareRing do?
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Our digital identity solutions are developed to assist your day-to-day life, through enabling higher efficiency and new ways of approaching life through on and offline interactions. Our foundational solutions are ShareRing ID and ShareRing Vault, which are both accessible in the ShareRing Pro App.

ShareRing ID:

With ShareRing, individuals can create a digital twin representation of themselves based on their real-world documents. Using OCR and facial recognition technology, our system uses various levels of verification to match the identity of the individual against their uploaded IDs and documents.

ShareRing Vault:

All uploaded IDs and documents are encrypted inside your ShareRing vault, and held solely on your device. We do not store any of your uploaded assets in a centralized database, file server, or anywhere else.

Individuals decide if, with whom, and how documents inside their ShareRing Vault are shared or accessed, whether that’s for eKYC with financial institutions, or accessing events through an event organizer. The future opportunities for using your ShareRing ID are endless.

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